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4 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Home To an Cleveland Investor

You may desire to sell your property for a variety of reasons, and you have several selling alternatives. You have three main options for selling your property: through a regular real estate agency, on your own, or to a professional home buyer in Cleveland.

4 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Home To a Cleveland Investor

Understanding the Buyer

InCleveland, Ohio professional home buyers typically close more quickly than traditional home buyers and pay in full. Traditional buyers typically involve bank prerequisites, mortgage underwriting time, property inspection time, and a risk that the buyer may not ultimately qualify. 

If you sell your house for $200,000 with an agent, you would have to pay $12,000 in commissions alone because the standard charge is 3% per side. Professional home buyers might not charge transaction fees either, but even if they do, those fees are usually quite small compared to the commission you would otherwise have to pay. 

No Preparation Necessary

In Ohio, professional home buyers typically buy properties “as-is.” This relieves the seller of any maintenance obligations prior to closing. Also some professional home buyers even let you take only the things you want and you do not even have to clean the house once you leave.

Sell With Confidence

You won’t have to worry about experiencing an emotional roller coaster if you choose to work with a professional home buyer in Cleveland, Ohio. There are no irritating, middle-of-dinner phone calls asking whether you are available to display your land. You don’t have to worry about traveling out to your property for a showing. You don’t have to be concerned about meeting a buyer’s agent or their clients.


When you sell your house to a professional home buyer, less things can typically go wrong depending on the type of financing that the buyer is bringing. Often a professional home buyer is bringing cash to the closing table and this has many benefits. If a buyer is bringing financing, then an inspection and appraisal are common. During the inspection certain issues might be found with the house and the buyer will now want you to fix it or they want you to lower the price. When the appraisal comes through the big fear is that the appraised amount will be much lower than you anticipated. Dealing with a professional home buyer, they will often look to buy your house in its as-is condition and often use cash so banks are not involved.

Call Home Relief Providers today at (440) 291-5361 or send us a message to discuss selling your home to a Cleveland professional home buyer. We can go over your property and let you know its market value and get you on your way to selling your property.

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