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5 Signs A Traditional Sale Isn’t Right For You in Cleveland

In Cleveland, a standard sale isn’t appropriate for every home. Some homes and situations will profit more from a rapid and direct sale! Check out our most recent post to see if it’s the correct choice for you!

Homeowners in Cleveland don’t usually contemplate a direct sale, but they should. Listing your home can be a risky proposition, with high commission expenses and no guarantee of a sale date. Here are five reasons why you should sell your home in Cleveland directly.

#1 – You Need To Sell Within A Specific Timeframe

Working with a Cleveland real estate agent may not be ideal for you if you need to sell your house by a specified date or as soon as humanly possible. The process of listing a home might take months. Some homeowners discover that their home will not sell at all, forcing them to accept a lower offer while still paying an agent’s commission. When you sell your Cleveland home directly to cash buyers you will likely receive a offer quickly and be able to close faster.

#2 –  There Is Another Property You Want To Buy

If you have another property you want to buy but it is dependant on the sale of your existing one, you might want to explore selling it directly. This will help you to close swiftly and hopefully without any obstacles, improving your chances that you do not miss out on the property of your dreams. Make your own calculations by receiving an offer for your Cleveland house right away!

#3 – You Don’t Want To Spend Money Upfront

When you list your home with a real estate agent in Cleveland,there are usually some upfront expenses. You’ll have to clean up the house, make repairs, and get it ready to put on the market. Unexpected costs, such as additional marketing, staging, and professional photography, are common. Worst of all, you could spend all of this money up front only to have to lower your asking price if the home doesn’t sell. When all is said and done, putting your house on the Cleveland MLS may not be worth the work or cost.

#4 – You Don’t Want To Deal With Showings or Cleaning

Having visitors coming in and out of your home isn’t always easy, depending on your circumstances. To sell your home quickly through the standard listing procedure, it must be presented in the best possible light. This entails keeping the house spotless and ready to display. People may often stop by and ask to see the house at the last minute. The last thing you want to do is turn down a buyer because the house is in such bad shape.

#5 – You Don’t Want To Pay Expensive Agent Commissions

Let’s be honest about this. Some agents are exceptional, and when they are paired with the appropriate property, everyone benefits. However, paying someone around 6% of your ultimate sale price to assist you with the process is not always what sellers want to do. You could save thousands of dollars by skipping agent commissions and many of the additional costs associated with a traditional transaction.

Your Alternative To Listing Your Cleveland House

We want people to know that you have choices at Home Relief Providers. You don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning, repairing, and perfecting the house before selling it. You often won’t have to deal with many of the costs or issues if you sell your house directly to a cash buyer.

Learn more about the benefits of selling directly vs. a traditional sale of your Cleveland house! Contact us today for more information! (440) 291-5361

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