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5 Ways To Tell A Great Home Buyer From A Bad One In Cleveland

You’re looking to sell your property in Cleveland, Ohio, and you’re comparing home buyers. How can you determine what home buyer is the best for you? You can complete your research on just about anything or anyone thanks to the miracles of today’s internet! Check with reputable rating sites to learn about other people’s experiences, see whether they’re active on social media, and look at their website. What kind of property do they buy on a frequent basis?

Quick Cash

Great home buyers will give you a quick closing. They will offer to pay for your property in full cash, but they may possibly utilize other payment methods depending on the circumstances. Bad property buyers are difficult to contact; they may promise a rapid closing, but they frequently fail to return your calls or emails. If they do close, they may have to first qualify for a loan, after which they should be able to complete the final closing.

Positive Feedback

A fantastic house buyer will have a lot of good feedback. We all know that things happen, and people make mistakes, so there will inevitably be some bad feedback. This shouldn’t impact your selection too much at first, but check the reviews to see if the home buyer has replied. How did they address the matter if they did? Do you think they handled it well? Would you have been satisfied if you were the vendor in such situation? Also, do not be scared to inquire. Have any of your relatives or friends heard of this buyer?

Their Character

Great home purchasers have a good attitude about real estate and follow through on their commitments. If you ask them to call you back at a specific time, they will usually do so. They’ll talk a nice game and then back it up with action! Bad house buyers will excite you and then disappoint you. They will make appointments with you and then never call or show up. Imagine spending hours cleaning and tidying the house only to have the possible buyer never show up.


In the business world, references are crucial. A good home buyer will have several references you can call to check out how they do business, and they should be willing to answer any questions you have. Is there a review section on their website? Are they situation-specific, or is it a generic, too good to be true evaluation that makes you wonder if they were written by their employees? Are they active on social media or on other review sites? What are their fans saying in the comments section? Is it possible to see public reviews?


A good home buyer will commit to a quick closing date and will put down a deposit. Some house buyers on the other hand may try to delay the closing date several times, or may have completely ignored the closing date and never delivered their deposit as required by the contract.

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