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Expectations vs Reality of Selling a Home

Selling a Home

Is it easy to sell a house in 2022? What are current buyers looking for in homes? Does my home meet expectations or do I need to make updates and repairs? 

If these types of questions are going through your head when considering the idea of selling your home, know that you aren’t alone, nor are you in it alone.

Setting clear expectations before entering the selling process is important in reducing stress and worry down the road. Selling a home or property is a big deal and for many homeowners, it only happens one or two times in a lifetime. So what are clear expectations when selling a home? 

The biggest one by far is price. It is important to set a realistic asking price, knowing that offers are likely going to be below or just at the fair price of the home. Remember, buying a home is a big deal, so the buyer’s budget is important to keep in mind. We recommend checking out what similar homes in the area are going for and thinking back to what things were like when you purchased the home. 

Secondly, would be to consider repairs, updates, and making changes. While inspections are going to happen, we recommend outlining which repairs and updates you would be willing to make and which you would not. In the case of buying, buyers are going to be looking to meet and match their expectations, so it is likely that requests for certain things be done in order for the offer to go through. By setting an outline, you can be transparent with potential buyers and make it an easier decision for them whether or not the home is for them. 

Thirdly, would be to have a timeline in mind of how quickly you want to move through the process of selling, from start to finish. Some homes are harder than others to sell which means they may be on the market longer waiting for the right buyer. Once the right buyer comes along, it is key to know how long the closing process takes in your area and what all that means for you as the seller. Some closing times range from 30-45 days with it sometimes being longer. Just having a “sell as quickly as possible” mindset is going to lead to stress down the line. 

If you are thinking about selling or are already in the process of selling for the first time, the more information, and opinions you can get the better. We are a real estate investment firm that buys homes in Northeast Ohio with the goal of making the selling process easy and quick for sellers. We are always available to share information about the selling process and we are certainly always looking for homes that are for sale in and around the Cleveland area. Give us a call or send us a message using the contact form to get an offer on your home in a matter of days! 

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