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How Long Selling Your House In Cleveland Will Take

Selling your home can be a difficult task. Hiring an agency could take far longer than a direct sale, and it may cost you more in the long run! Continue reading to see how the length of time it takes to sell will affect your finances.

While there is no way to predict how long it will take to sell your house when you list it through a Cleveland agent, you can plan ahead if you sell directly. In our most recent post, we looked at how long it takes to sell a house and the various reasons for delays.

If You List…

Preparing It For The Market

If you decide to put your Cleveland home on the market, you’ll need some time to make it ready. Cleaning, removing personal possessions, making repairs, and possibly staging the house for showings are all things you’ll want to do.

Choosing the Best Agent

Selecting an agent can also take some time. You won’t want to work with the first agency you come across. Instead, you’ll probably conduct some research, speak with friends and relatives who have recently sold their homes, and interview a few agents before picking who to hire.

Awaiting A Purchase

You are at the mercy of the market once the house is listed. You can’t be sure that you’ll find a buyer soon or that you’ll get the price you want. Your home could languish on the MLS for months, only to get lower-than-expected offers. It’s difficult to plan ahead because you never know how long this stage of the process will take.


Following the acceptance of your offer, your buyer’s lender will request an inspection and assessment. If the home has issues, you will need to make more repairs or negotiate the price with your purchasers. Be sure to factor this in when determining the value of your home. Once your home has been examined, its value can drastically change. Some sellers even pay for an inspection before putting their home on the market. This will prevent any unpleasant shocks after the offer has been accepted.


The length of time that escrow can take depends on the terms of the buyer and seller’s agreement. Before signing off on conditions, the buyer may request repairs, and the lenders may require some time to pay the loan.


Following the completion of the escrow process, the buyer and seller must agree on a date to sign the documents. You’ll meet at the title firm, go over all of the paperwork, and then… sign the papers.

When You Sell Directly…

Request a Quote

You will receive an offer quickly if you sell directly to Home Relief Providers. It is then up to you to decide whether or not it is the best option for you. We understand that you may require some time to consider your options or to run the figures. We will never force you to buy anything.


If you accept our offer, the transaction might be completed in a matter of days. You will avoid some expenditures associated with listing (repairs, commissions). A direct sale is a speedier and more cost-effective option for many properties in Cleveland. To sell, you won’t need to make any repairs or hire an agent. Find out if a direct sale is right for you before you decide to sell!

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