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How to determine if a property is vacant?

Vacant properties are sometimes difficult to point out. For landlords, this can be the difference between selling and not, so it is key to know for sure if the home or property is empty. Luckily there are some signs that can give you a good indication of the status of the property and if it is being occupied. 

When it comes to the exterior of the house and yard, overgrown grass is one of the most common indicators. However, if it is winter time, you can look to see if there are footprints in the snow if the driveway was shoveled and if the driveway has tire tracks in it. Other signs could be no blinds in the window, piled-up garbage, and a full mailbox. You could also check vacancy records through the postal system, but this only happens if the mail delivery person can no longer fit mail in the mailbox. 

As an owner of a vacant property, you will likely run into some issues when trying to sell, especially if the buyer can tell the home has been vacant for a while. Vacant properties often sell at a lower price point, require updates and repairs, and be less appealing to motivated buyers. But for the right buyer, a vacant home or property is a blank canvas to make their own, it is cheaper, and can become theirs relatively easily. The main downside for a buyer of a vacant property is the lack of immediate return on investment or ROI.

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