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Selling Your House Without An Agent in Ohio

We live in a world where everyone does everything themselves rather than paying for pricey expert services. Stocks are traded without the assistance of a stockbroker. Wills and trusts are created without the assistance of attorneys. Many people modify their homes themselves. Why wouldn’t you want to consider the advantages of selling your home in Ohio without the help of an agent?

Spending Less

Agents are not cheap. It’s that easy. It’s often a substantial sum of money. A real estate transaction might cost up to 6% of the total sales price. This can cost sellers $30,000 on a $500,000 house transaction. This fee is paid equally between the buyer’s and seller’s agents.

The amount deducted from the final sale price is significant. If a seller still has substantial mortgage sums to pay down, not having to pay commissions is a huge benefit. Simply increasing net earnings appeals to sellers. Keep in mind that just because you don’t have an agent as a seller doesn’t imply the buyer doesn’t have one.

Negotiator with Experience

Even if you can’t force the buyer to go without an agent, saying you’re more flexible on the price if there’s no outside representation doesn’t provide you negotiation leverage. Buyers may believe they can negotiate a better price without an agent since they are aware of the transaction’s savings.

Aside from negotiating the sale price, sellers may believe they are better qualified to sell and negotiate than an agent. Sellers who are familiar with real estate transactions may feel at ease working through the process and negotiating items at various stages of the escrow. When a seller is comfortable working with a buyer or buyer’s agent, representing himself can save him at least 3% in commissions.

It’s also possible that the transaction will be fairly simple. Maybe it’s a new construction or it’s being sold as is, and the seller won’t budge on anything. Buyers are welcome to come in and make an offer without regard for repairs or credits. Sellers that are confident in their price and are able to supply all required disclosures and papers may not require agent representation.

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