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5 Costs You May Not Be Aware of When Selling Your House in Cleveland

In Cleveland,have you considered selling your home? Traditional home sales involve a number of costs, some of which you might not have considered. You’re likely to incur all of these costs whether you decide to sell your home yourself or through a professional real estate agent. We’ll go through five expenses related to selling a home in Cleveland that you might not be aware of.

Commissions and Fees

Along with the traditional commissions that real estate agents charge, there may also be fees charged for the brokerage services and other costs associated with using an agent. Even if you sell on your own, a buyer is likely to be working with an agent, who will take the commission from your profits. These commissions and fees can run into the thousands and are something you may not be aware of when selling your house in Cleveland. 


Marketing is a key component of listing your property, and while yard signs may draw potential buyers, the internet is now the main route that brings them to your door. When selling your house in Cleveland, there are fees associated with good marketing that you might not be aware of such as a professional photographer’s high-quality photographs or a certified drone pilot, given the growing demand for virtual tours of properties today.


One of the most expensive and unpleasant expenses you might not be aware of when selling your home in Cleveland is preparing it for sale. Even if investing more money in the home is the last thing a seller wants to do, this is exactly what they might have to do. Inspections can reveal some very pricey information, particularly for older homes. Plumbing troubles, structural problems, and foundation issues can all cost thousands of dollars. The home’s recognized problems must be disclosed. Be prepared to deduct the charges from your asking price if you can’t afford the repairs.

Holding Costs

When selling your home in Cleveland, there may be charges associated with holding onto a property that is still on the market. Holding the property is a hassle and significantly raises the fees you should anticipate when selling your home in Cleveland if you have already moved forward with your plans and relocated. There is now another way to sell your house quickly and prevent them, with a set closing date and a firm offer from Home Relief Providers! 

Closing Costs

You might not be aware of closing expenses for the seller when selling your home in Cleveland. You will be responsible for paying costs including the transfer tax, title insurance, escrow and closing fees, any HOA dues, attorney fees, and prorated property taxes 

You could be facing a small fortune in costs that you may not be aware of when selling your house in Cleveland. Why not avoid the listing costs you’d normally expect to pay by selling to Home Relief Providers instead? With a direct sale to Home Relief Providers closings are quick, usually within 30 days or less and you don’t need to worry about repairs. Home Relief Providers takes on the risks, buying your home as-is. Home Relief Providers even pays all of the closing costs. Send us a message or call us at (440) 291-5361 today to find out more!

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